Window Blinds for Your Living Space

As a homeowner, you have several covering options for your windows. Long gone are the days where keeping your windows covered was limited to screens and wooden boards. Nowadays, the home and design industry offers an array of better choices: you have the traditional curtains, shades (both manual and automatic), blinds, a variety of panels, and a whole assortment of technology-based automated solutions under the indoor home umbrella. Under each category, there are even more options to choose from, depending upon the reason why you are covering your windows in the first place.

In some cases, you need to choose how thick or thin you want them. Then you need to decide on the material to use (this will depend on what suits your space – wood, cloth, metal, or plastic). Then, as if deciding on those wasn’t tiring enough, you need to think about aesthetics. Printed or a solid color? What prints fit into the overall design of your space? What color suits the theme? What shade? It’s a long, grueling process, but it is made easier, especially if you’re keen on using window blinds for your living space to get that one cohesive look.

There are pros and cons to each type of window covering; again, it will always depend on the purpose it is to serve. However, of all the choices and combinations out there, having blinds seems to be the most practical and universal. It is the most beneficial, no matter what you need them for, and the selection offers a sufficient assortment for any theme or Zen you’re going for. The following reasons will help you understand why you should choose to have s:craft window blinds in your home.

Why window blinds?


Blinds, unlike other choices such as curtains and shades, serve many purposes, most of which will be discussed in further detail below. They will save you money and time in the long run. You won’t have to spend additional cash uninstalling them and getting different covers fixed onto your windows. There’s always payment for materials, service, and labor – it’s undoubtedly going to add up to a lot of money. On top of this, imagine having to go through the entire process of choosing coverings multiple times, just so you can have the right ones at any given time. It’s unnecessary and a waste.

Saving you from the dangers of the natural sunlight

While having exposure to the natural light is healthy in some ways, too much exposure can have negative effects in the long run, and you won’t even realize it. Skin cancer, eczema, sun burn, and heat rashes are just some of the effects of over-exposure. Using window blinds for your living space can prevent these things from happening. Apart from this, the discomfort you’ll feel at constantly being subjected to the heat of the sun can potentially be reduced. Believe it or not, sunlight causes discoloration of furniture, too. By having blinds, you save your home décor in the process.

Keeping both cold and hot air in or out

With the various arrays of blinds on the market, different types serve different purposes. In some parts of the world, blinds are built-in and are structured with more sturdiness, and ultimately more functionality. In colder places, for example, when it is very windy or snowing outside, your living space will always feel cold as an effect of the weather. Blinds can serve as an extra layer to keep the natural warmth of your home inside. This works especially well if you have a heater. On the other hand, in tropical countries, when the heat and humidity outside become too much to bear, most homeowners will resort to turning on their air-conditioning units to battle the burning heat. In the same way that blinds act as an extra layer against the cold outside, they can act as an extra layer to imprison the cool air inside.

Low maintenance

Blinds are among the most low maintenance window cover options out there. Unlike curtains and other cloth or fabric counterparts, blinds are much easier to clean. The window blinds for your living space do not need to be taken down (which is a hassle in itself), washed, dried, and reattached. Blinds, just like cleaning your window sills – which happens less than regularly – only need to be wiped down. Other equally stress-free options are using a feather duster, small vacuum, or wet cloth. Blinds don’t break easily, either, not unless you’re constantly playing with them. They’re usually pretty tough, and they’re made this way to withstand the battery of all kinds of temperatures, as mentioned previously. It’s so easy for curtains to get a tear, or for shades to tilt unevenly and this can be permanent.

Customizable, so you can adjust to the design of your windows

Lastly, one of the more unique aspects of blinds is that they are customizable. Some houses have oddly- shaped windows that were designed to fit the design of the house. In these cases, it’s possible to get blinds fitted as well. As long as the functionality isn’t affected, this option is perfect for asymmetrical windows. In terms of aesthetics, it’s really great that they are colored white, meaning you can draw cool designs on them. Also, they can be pulled up when looking at them down becomes boring. Alternatively, you can pull them down when the outside world gets to be too much for your liking. Other things you can do is spray paint them with urban designs. An option could be to paint your blinds different colors. You can let your creativity flow with the only limitation being your imagination.

Given these many reasons, it’s not hard to see the practicality of having window blinds for your living space. It’s not to say that other types of coverings are useless and should be done away with. What you choose will always depend on your personal style and preference.

There are several avenues online for you to check your options if you want to have blinds at home. Most websites will give you all the information you need, so all you need to do now is start searching!